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  • This feature contains information about contour lines for Ghana. In accordance with the source, units may be in feet or meters and intervals may be at 50 feet in the ZVAL column. Due to the large number of arcs, elevation codes are spot checked from a representative sample. Please report any elevation coding errors to CERSGIS.File Format is SHAPEFILE.

  • This feature contains information about 54935 communities across the country. The feature represents the location of Communities (all) in Ghana, including hamlets, major towns, regional and district capitals, etc. This is to provide point based location of most of identified communities in the country. The dataset provides sources of the institution or organization involved in the collection of the data.

  • This is a subdivision of the regions in Ghana. The District boundary layer contains 275 polygons and has the following attributes; District_Name and District_ID. District_Name is the name of the community and District_ID is the unique code of the District.

  • All lands were stool lands which belong to the Chiefs. The need to protect certain areas based on their sensitive nature arose. The Government then decided to pay compensations to the land owners in order to reserve these sensitive features. In consultation with the Chiefs the areas were categorised and the boundaries surveyed and pillared. Documentation was done and registered as Government property.

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    Ghana Game Reserves layer is the surveyed protected game and wildlife living in their ecosystem.

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    Ghana Regional Boundaries layer is a dilieanation of the surveyed and gazzetted boundaries of sixteen (16) Regions (Administrative boundary - Level 2) in Ghana.

  • DEM is an array of regularly spaced elevation values referenced horizontally wither a universal transverse mercator projection or to a Geographic coordinate system.Furthermore, it shows a 3D representaion of a terrain surface.This feature contains elevations in Ghana.

  • The Ghana Regional boundary is the official administrative delineation of the ten Regions of Ghana. The Regional boundary layer contains 10 polygons and has the following attributes; Region_Name and Region_ID. Region_Name is the name of the region and Region_ID is the unique code of the region

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    OCSOL_2008 est une couche d'occupation du sol su Sénégal réalisée dans le cadre du programme Gobal Land Covert Network (GLCN). Elle résulte de l'interprétation des images Landsat ETM+ de 2005 . La classification utilisée est basée sur celle nommée LCSS (développé dans le cadre du dit programme). La mission de validation terrain a eu lieu en 2008. Au total 28 classes d'occupation du sol ont été identifiées sur cette couche.

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    The Ghana road network layer is a linear feature representing all road networks including feeder roads, urban roads, highways, railways, airstrips, lake routes etc in Ghana.